About Me

Walid Salame
I live in Mideast Studied Computer A+ 
The Dream
I wanted to make his own website when he was 14 years so what I did is start working on it with FrontPage but when the website is done and ready I was thinking like how I can make people found it! It wasn’t even online it was only on my hard disk but I was zero with this thing the world of internet and blogs so I give up! No I never start yet I start searching on Google and learning even with my very bad English at that time, and day after day I found out that there is something called “webhosting” wow I never heard of that before! So after that I found out about the domain and the information keep coming into my mind   till the day come and I am ready to make a website that will be only and my first website was about mobile phone,
So what name should I give it? I did give it “WTSWorld” and I got the WTSWorld.com and I start working with it but it was very hard coz it was HTML site so I let that website done and go back to learn about php script and I meet the smart Wordpress script  and make my new 5 web blog using wordpress  and I even used phpbb  all of that web working was to learn and thanks allah I did learn what I wanted J now as you see I’m using blogger.com and I love it  it’s great free Blog hosting  and you can do anything with it , it’s safe more then wordpress  faster then self hosting and it’s free

Why I do blogging ! will it’s the most thing I love is to share and give without waiting anything back